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About Me 

I'm a farm girl that lives out in East Texas.  When I'm not at the office, I'm tilling land or stealing eggs from the chickens.  I have a story as interesting as an honest man in Washington and I will probably make a journal page here to keep up with my day to day adventures.  Then again, I may be so wrapped up in chicken sex I may never write, who knows. :)

I've lived in Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Mexico.  I have life experience from murder of a lover to Military, Management, Marketing, Social Media, Website Restructure, Personal Development, Persuasion Techniques, Influence, The Study of Lying, Mental Requirements involved in Parent Caregiving,  Physical and Emotional Therapy of varing kinds.    I understand why Solomon asked for Wisdom.  Knowledge is easy.  Read a book.  Wisdom, on the other hand, must be gained through hardship, failure, and pain.  The smart move is to have a personal consultant that helps you avoid the massive pain points.  You want to fly high and fast with security in your choices.  Being given wisdom is possibly the most wonderful gift you can recieve.  Someone suffered and is willing to spare you that pain.  Take the win.

I will constantly post more content that's yours just for visiting the site. 


Meeting Business and Personal needs for a flawless 15 years