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Welcome to the Springboard  

Choose Yourself or Someone Else Will...

Leveraging Unseen Opportunities is made difficult by the world because the world keeps most of them... unseen.  There are so many ways to build businesses from scratch and almost no money.  There are ways to learn human behavior in a way that can earn you a very comfortable living.  There are secrets hidden in plain sight that just require your attention refocused.  There are ways to turn terrible mistakes into life-changing awesomeness.

 What if there was a map through that minefield...  What if it were possible to shift your being instantly into whatever emotion you wanted.  What if just a little awareness made all the difference in every aspect of your life...I've made it my purpose to bring you the secrets that have made so many very wealthy.  

What would an extra 1,000$ a week do for you?  What about 10,000$ a week?

There is no magic "fix all" button, no "instant success" button.  They say there is no "secret".  In a way that's true.  There's no magic secret, but there is a ton of information that very few have.  This kind of information can be misused (and often is) so it has been difficult to find for generations.  It's spread across the world in many levels and through many disciplines.

I'm here to coach you through and help you find the exact map for your life.  To teach you how to bring tools into your life and your business to springboard you into your future.  

Areas I can help you with significantly...

~ Show you exactly how to start your own business onine to work from anywhere in the world.  I'll teach you which tools you'll need to start and a very inexpensive Academy that teaches exactly how to connect them all together and make it work as a machine even when you sleep.

~ consult on website design and ease of use.  Things to add or take away to improve user experience.  My Consulting services can improve your sales up to 500%.

~ Consulting on Business areas involving personnel.  I will help you find the perfect people for positions you're looking to fill.  An interview is a whole other ballgame when I'm present. 

~ Show you the stepping stones to Persuasion, Influence and the language patterns that go with them.  This one alone can change everything about your life.  No matter if you're working min. wage, the Executive Director of your nonprofit, or the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corp.  It works at every level.  

My success record has grown from the very first day I entered this work.  The phrase "Leveraging Unseen Opportunities" took on a whole new meaning for me.  Each year I add new experience and training to my service to continually bring you the very best Consulting you will have in this life.

Tara Burmeister


Meeting Business and Personal needs for a flawless 15 years